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[IP] waterproofing your pump

JENC93 wrote:
> I love to raft and canoe - does anyone have a great "waterproof" 
> solution for my MiniMed pump.  

Take it out of leather case and make sure it has insulin in it, then put it 
in a baggie, smooth the plastic around so it is flat against the screen.  
Using Duct tape, tape it closed.  If you are a guy, use LOTS of duct tape.  
Then put it in another baggie and tape it closed...more duct tape - PAR 
TAY!!!  Just make sure you can see the screen and buttons.  You are good to 

I recommend checking for insulin first, cuz it SUCKS when you get it all 
taped up and then realize you don't know if there is insulin or not.

You mihgt also put in an absorbent paper towel folded up behind the 
pump...then if it looks like it might be getting moist in there, you can roll 
the paper towel around.  Just make sure you dry it out good when you are done.

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