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[IP] revolving doors

Michael wrote:
> The last thing in the world you want to do is send someone 
> that's low off by themselves so they can crash where there 
> is no assistance....I have adult friends with diabetes that 
> occasionally get caught in that revolving door.

Speaking of revolving doors...here in  NYC, most of the big buildings have 
revolving doors that they want you to use, cuz it keeps the weather out.  
They also have the regular doors off to the side "reserved" for handicapped 
use.  I hate revolving doors, cuz I can't see them...no depth perception, so 
I bump into the glass, and going from the bright of outside into the dark of 
the building makes it almost inevitable that I will go around at least twice, 
AND people are in such a hurry that they push them REAL hard, and I tend to 
go slow, so I have been crunched....so I avoid them whenever I 
can...ESPECIALLY when I am low....oh, the dirty looks I get from doormen and 
people leaning on those "handicapped" doors.

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