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Re: [IP] lows in a classroom

Excellent post Sara!! I am a Supervisor in Manufacturing.. i have 60 
employees.. out of those 60.. i have ONE Diabetic.. now.. ME.. being 
sensitive because i live with a diabetic.. might make breaking rules 
easier..<smile> but heck.. Pat can have his candy on the floor anytime he 
needs it.. and if the others ask WHY?/ <because even ADULTS can be 
kindergarteners at times.> then my answer would be.. simply.. because he 
NEEDS it.. 
 the Company MAKES the rules.. but..*I* enforce them... plain and simple.. 
LIFE comes before my job.. and life would also come before learning.. 
explanations are NOT due.. unless agreed upon  by the parties involved...and 
"needed" <in some manner>  to assist.. or make things a little easier on.. 
the diabetic.. 

<folding up my soapbox.. tucking it under my arm> 
<smile> just had to add my 2 cents..
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