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Re: [IP] Tommy:priming

When you load the reservoir, you should also load the tubing.  Once you have
removed any air bubbles from the reservoir, attach the tubing and manually
press the plunger until insulin begins  to drip from the introducer needle
of your infusion set.  Next  place the reservoir into the pump.  Then hold
the pump with the tubing end pointing toward the floor and lower the driver
arms on both sides of the plunger.  This reduces the space between the
plunger and the driver arms.

Program the pump to deliver a 5.0 unit prime.  Watch for the insulin
droplets to form at the tip of the infusion set needle.  This prime takes up
the space between the plunger and the driver arms.  If droplets form before
the 5.0 units are delivered, suspend the pump.  Then unsuspend and continue
with your infusion set insertion.

This should solve your problem.


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