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Re: [IP] Frio Wallets for Keeping Insulin Cool

Andrea Seitz wrote:
> I am going to be traveling this month and wonder, if anyone is using a
> FRIO wallet to keep insulin cool. The company claims it will keep
> insulin cool for up to 45 hours even in constant environmental
> temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Or do you have another
> favorite?

Hi Andrea,

I have a FRIO, and I my feelings are mixed about this product.  I tend
to use it as a last resort when I need to keep my insullin cool in hot
temps, such as when I will not have access to a freezer for the freezer
packs for other products.  I haven't  measured the temperature of the
inside of the FRIO when it is activated, but I think the interior is
cooler than the hot ambient temps of say over 90 degrees F., but
certainly no where near the cold temps of another re-freezable
compartment or the  Fridge. It's the best option that I know of however
when you do not have access to a freezer when traveling.

Janet Riganti

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