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Re: [IP] Re: A1C Results

My experience was that the better controlled the thyroid levels the
easier the control of the bgs.  Congratulations on the successful RAI! 
I had to go through 2 rounds :(   Keep up the great work with your bgs,
and enjoy the pump! :}


--- "Kilokowski, Douglas E" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hello fellow pumpers,
> My Endo called me last night at 9:30! Scared me to
> death! My first thought
> was, What's wrong that he needs to call me at this
> late hour? But my fear
> was unfounded, he was calling to let me know that
> the radio active iodine
> treatment for my hyperactive thyroid worked. He
> called in a script for
> thyroid hormone which I will start on today. But the
> best part of his call
> was the results of my A1C. Before pumping my number
> was 9.6, after pump
> 7.3!!! Yeah!! I must be doing something right! He
> praised me for doing such
> a good job! I can't wait till I get this thyroid
> under control. Maybe my
> numbers will get even better?!
> Doug the lurker

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