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Re: [IP] hypoglycemia, need advice, help

In a message dated 8/31/99 3:05:14 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<She will refuse to test. Next, we
try to have her eat something but, once again she will refuse. She will
become very belligerent, you can't reason with her, and she is screaming at
this point (I know she is only doing this b/c she is low, she truly doesn't
mean this).>>

Yeah, lots of us have done this.  I feel like I do it less since being on the 
pump (my husband isn't here to ask his perception of this), maybe because I 
am less likely to have the severe swings that NPH sometimes sent me into.

During our first year of marriage, my husband (probably in desperation) 
figured out to not say to me anything about being in reaction but to instead 
suggest we go across the street to Little Pleasures, an ice cream parlor.  
(Since we usually ordered a dish for 2 and shared it, he had another 
incentive too).  For some reason, even though I would know the motivation, I 
didn't have the belligerent response to this.  If you are really quite sure 
she is low, I wonder if there is some sweet little pleasure you could suggest.
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