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[IP] lows in a classroom

Natalie wrote:
> ...the kids are simply NOT allowed to have gum, candy or pop in 
> the classroom. If a diabetic student were having a hypo, and started 
> to consume something to treat it in front of the other kids, and they 
> didn't know why he was doing it, holy hell would erupt in terms of 
> "Why does HE get to eat candy and WE don't???" etc. 

hmmm...well, I can be pretty discreet personally with my own dex tabs, but if 
the kids are so very nosey and are getting all touchy about someone being 
"allowed" to break the rules, then I guess it is time for the person with 
diabetes to come "out."  We don't like to be treated like we are "special" 
but we have to abide by the rules....the problem being that we DO have a 
problem that makes it NECESSARY to have an exemption from the rule.  Don't 
ask me to forgive you for running the red light if I don't know you are a cop 
in hot pursuit of the dude that robbed my bank, so to speak!!.  

So in the classroom situation above, either the diabetic 
A) suffers in silence, 
B) hopes he has the ability to tell teacher he needs to go to the nurse or to 
his locker or whereever he is "allowed" to have a low
C) controls his blood sugars so well that he NEVER has a low
D) Tells the class that he is defective and they are just gonna have to deal 
with it.

Of course, he could bring the jar of 50 size of dex tabs and dole them out to 
everyone who might be jealous.

geez - if someone did this to me..."hey teacher....sara is eating...how come 
she can and I can't..." I'd be like....hey teacher.....my chances of dying of 
kidney failure are XX percent greater than everyone else's - that isn't 
fair...wahh wahh wahhh!!!"  "hey teacher, how come SHE can eat that box of 
junior mints without testing her blood OR taking insulin!?? wahh wahhh - no 

Life is not fair...anyone that says different is just trying to sell you 

do what YOU have to do and who cares what other people "think" - chances are 
good they aren't "thinking" at all!

In Natalie's case, since it is an administrative rule and not her own, I'd 
ask if the "administration" could PLEASE do something about this diabetes 
thing screwing up all the rules <vbg>....maybe if "administration" just had a 
rule "against" diabetes in general, the whole problem would be alleviated!  

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