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Re: [IP] No Carb Diets

Right Dianne.  If you want to read about how little carbs one can survive
with, you should read the book, Endurance, the story of Ernest Shackleton's
ill fated trip to antarctica.  The crew survived over a year on little but
penguin and seal--just protein and lots of fat.  No one died or even got
sick, with almost 2 years of this.  Quite a remarkable story too.

I've been lurking through the recent discussions on carbohydrates and now -
with Wayne out there paving the way- I can't stand it any longer.
All the manipulations with fats, protein, and carbs are risky.  Yup, whole
foods pretty much yield some of all of them and our bodies function best
with a variety of whole natural foods. Eating one or the other food with
the exclusion of any, ultimately jeopardizes the body's defenses.
BUT you can survive on just about anything for amazingly long periods of
time.  The fact that you get sort of a high from complete fasting (water
only) goes to show you can get by without carbs - you just can't do it very
safely for any length of time and of course, YMMV.  The body breaks down
both fats (about 8%) and proteins (about 50%) when you have excessive
amounts of either in your system.  The problem, especially for the diabetic
is that  1) it happens very slowly  2) it may not be enough to meet your
energy needs 3) excess protein is very expensive.    Proceed with caution,
The Sometimes Nutritionist>>>>>>>>>>

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