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Re: [IP] what all do i need to do for school?

I think that I would go ahead and show the teachers how to
"suspend" the pump.  That would make it easier for them to
help treat me if I were to go into seizures or be
unconscious.  I could always start it up again after I come


--- Michael <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > How much detail do I need to go into? Should I
> > demonstrate a fingerstick? I'm planning on
> disconnecting the pump
> > and showing them some "normal" sounds, warning them
> about alarms,
> > and going over highs and lows. 
> Think about the situations where you would need IMMEDIATE
> assistance.
> It is very unlikely that you would go DKA without
> noticing many other 
> problems first, not the least of which would be thirst,
> going to the 
> bathroom, etc.... It's probably safe to rule that one
> out, but think 
> about it anyway.
> Going low. This is the biggie. I don't tell Lily's
> teachers anything 
> except how to treat a low or a crash. There are some
> simple 
> guidelines which we use. If behavior is odd or
> non-standard, get 
> reminded to check bg's. If you are low or they suspect
> you are low, 
> you should NOT be "sent to the office", particularly not
> alone. You 
> SHOULD test and treat with glucose, retesting with 15 -
> 20 minutes 
> max until things are OK. If you are found unconscious and
> it's not 
> for some obvious reason (like a bonk on the head) those
> around you 
> should know how to administer glucagon + call 911. There
> are specific 
> laws in a various states that protect individuals from
> liability 
> under these circumstances, usually lumped under the 'good
> samaritan' 
> laws. Make sure and tell them it can't hurt you and may
> save 
> your life. They'll get the message even if the
> administration puts up 
> a fuss. I've found that delivering this information
> privately to each 
> teacher is better than in a formal meeting. It keeps the 
> "officialdom" out of the  loop and gets the message
> across to those 
> individuals that you ultimately rely on. Most of this can
> also go in 
> your 504 plan.
> If they understand the fundamental problems associated
> with being 
> high or low, know how to help you when you're low, that
> will solve 
> 90% of any problems and make them feel more comfortable
> at the same 
> time. Don't overwhelm them with technical details that
> they won't 
> remember and will never deal with anyway. Just the
> fundamentals.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

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