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Re: [IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care

I have had the unfortuneate experience twice in the last three weeks to
have to call 911 for a low sugar( one I called the other my 7 year old
called in) I was unable to talk in both situations.  The EMT's were great!
They immediately checked the medic alert bracelet that I wear that says
that I wear a pump. They knew immediately that they needed to disconnect
the pump.  The first EMT said that his wife was diabetic.  I don't know
what would have happened if I had not had my bracelet on and my children
present to tell them what had happened. Thank god for the bracelets.

Pamela Paslow wrote:

> Sherri
> My son is 14 and diabetic for 11 years.  My husband has been an EMT
> for 27 years and I have been one for about 15.  The treatment taught
> for dealing with a diabetic "problem" is sugar.  We carry Instant
> Glucose in all of the emergency kits.
> What I learned long before Justin was diagnosed is to give them juice
> or anything with sugar if they can swallow and if we have it Instant
> Glucose.  If they are low it will save them and if they are high it
> will just make them a little higher but if we don't act and give the
> sugar we could lose them.
> That's about all we knew about diabetes when Justin was diagnosed.
> We learned alot quickly.
> By the way, this is New York State.
> As an plain EMT or EMT-D we cannot give the glucagon injection.  We
> can assist a family member,etc. but we're not certified to give the
> injection.  A Paramedic can give the injection I believe or start
> a glucose IV.
> I hope this helps to ease some fears.  I do agree that the medic alert
> of some sort should be worn.  During patient assessment it should be
> found within a short period of time.
> Pam
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