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No Subject

I have been on the MiniMed 507c for about 8 weeks now.  So far things are
great - one question.

Right before I eat I count my carbs and do the appropriate amount of bolus
to cover my meal.  I then proceed to eat.  After 1 1/2 to 2 hours I will
check my bs - sometimes it is as high as 270.  Sometimes I will freak and do
more bolus but then several hours later I go low.  Is this normal?  If I
wait and test my bs 3 hours later it will be going down and eventually be in
the low 100s.  Should I not check so early after my meal.  I thought that it
should be about where I started 2 hours later but it doesn't seem to happen
that way some of the time.  Any suggestions would be appreciated..


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