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RE: [IP] Sleeping with pump

	Sam wrote: 
> Sounds suspiciously like the "Waist-It"... or a clone thereof. I
> stopped using mine because the pump and the insulin seemed to
> get pretty warm over night. But, then some of us are hotter than
> others...   :-)
> >...but then again...I sleep like a log...
> >zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
> Is that the sound of termites?? You might want to have that
> checked out carefully.  <vbg> 
	Sam....It sounds exactly like the "waist-it".  Mine actually has a
little pouch that slides around on the belt so I don't actually have to
sleep on top of the pump....that's why mine stays a bit cooler ;-)  Some of
us just have a lot more "hot air".  LOL      Nope....not termites...that's
me sleeping right through my 3:00 am alarm and my hubby has to punch me to
make me get up <VBG>.   

	[Wilson, Carol]  
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