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Re: [IP] Sleeping with pump

At 06:48 AM 09/30/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Hello fellow pumpers.
>Just had a quick question and need some answers.  I have a 
>minimed 507 and I
>use the 42 inch QR infusion set.  Heres the problem...I'm one
>those people
>who tosses and turns ALL night long.  I've had my pump since 
>April and still
>have had a problem getting comfortable at night trying to
>I tried
>putting it under my pillow and woke up with it around my neck.

>I've tried
>wearing t-shirts with pockets, too uncomfortable to sleep on 
>stomach.  Just
>wondering if anyone has any good and helpful ideas or me.  

Although I've gone to using the "under the pillow" technique...
you might want to try the "Waist-It" to hold the pump at night.
It's available from both Unique Accessories and MiniMed.
Basically it is just an elastic waistband and a pouch with
velcro to keep it closed. It worked OK for me when I began
pumping, but then I never sleep on my stomach either (I like the
basic fetal position on either the left or right side). There is
also a leg-band called (I think...) the "Thigh Thing" (available
from the same two places). Maybe that would keep it out of the
way so that you don't strangle yourself at night.


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