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Re: [IP] Glucometer

> My understanding is that
> its peak activity is within a maximum of 30 mins and that when checking or
> setting up afternoon basal levels 'Changing To Humalog?'

Humalog has a very long tail, as long as Regular. It is necessary to 
fast for 4-5 hours with no extra insulin in that period in order to 
do an accurate fasting bg test.

Read the HOWTO page of the website for specific information on 
checking and setting basal rates.

With respect to the serum insulin levels of Humalog & regular vs: 
time, check this URL from Lilly to see the chart that is included 
with every VIAL of Humalog. The picture is not as good as the printed 
chart, but is clearly shows the peak of each type of insulin.


There is a link to this chart on the LINKS page of the Insulin 
Pumpers website.


Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/