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[IP] Re: number of basal rates

<< My endo is messing with my basal rates and my sugars have 
 been terrible ( not that they were terrific before, but now they're worse). 
 I had been on seven to eight basals before and he has taken me to two. How 
 many basal rates are people on out there and what is the rationale for 
 multiple ones?  >>


I used to be on only one rate.  That wasn't working, now I'm on 6.  I followed
the instructions on the IP website and in the book "Pumping Insulin" to
profile my basal rates.  This involves fasting over a period of several days
(skip breakfast one day, lunch on another, etc.) to see what happens to your
blood sugar without food or boluses.  This is the only way to determine what
your basal requirements really are.  Your doctor should allow, and hopefully
encourage, you to set as many different rates as your body requires.  Good

Mary Jean
type 1 for 8 years, pumping for 20 months
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/