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[IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care

A friend of mine who is a EMT indicated that when they
encounter an unconcious diabetic, they do not use glucagon. 
Instead they set up an interveinous glucose drip; contention
is that it is faster.  Never having used or seen glucagon
used, I cannot say how fast/slow it is.


>>Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 10:24:25 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care


I am also glad to hear what you said about not being
licensed to give the
Glucagon because my school has elected to just wait for the
EMT's to arrive in
case Laura would ever need Glucagon.  The school will not
take responsibility
for this.   This is something I also need to investigate as
we would be in a
mess if the school just "assumed" that the EMT's would take
care of the
problem with Glucagon.  

You have been very enlightening - I also hope I have not
been insulting to you
in anyway.  I would never ever intentionally insult
someone.  I was just so
shocked by this person's answer I just came in here and
dashed the letter off
before I thought about it.  

I am very thankful that there are informed people like you
and your husband
out there dealing with the public.  

Once again thank you for letting letting us know that not
everyone can give
Glucagon.  I know at school we all just assumed that the
EMT's were trained to
give it and would take care of the situation.  Just when you
think you have
covered all your bases . . .

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