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Re: [IP] Confusion about Humalog onset and duration.

At 05:00 PM 09/29/1998  Bernard Farrell wrote:
>Here's the scoop from the Lilly web site.
>    www.lilly.com/diabetes/ref_manual/humalog.html?yes
>Insulin           Onset(h)   Peak(h)   Duration(h)
>Humalog           <=0.25    0.5-1.5      <=5
>Note that it peaks anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes after

>being taken. For this insulin, you really need to figure it
>out for yourself. I've found that any bolus I take has
>stopped working after 2 hours 15 minutes.

This is really one of those YMMV things. While it may peak at 90
minutes for some people, it'll peak at 2 hours or even longer
for others (I tend to be at the higher end of this spectrum). As
you said, it is very important that everyone figure out how
Humalog reacts (no pun intended) with their own system and not
rely only on the official charts.


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