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Re: [IP] humalog vs. velosolin

At 03:47 PM 09/29/1998  Dante Jacobson wrote:
>I have been on the pump for about 2 and half years now.  this 
>whole time I have been on velosolin.  I was told that I needed
>be on this insulin because of some anti clogging agent that is
>it.  I hear everyone talking about using humalog in their
>what's the difference? velosolin seems to be working okay for
>but okay isn't good enough.  I want to get a really tight 
>control.  my husband is getting ready to graduate from college 
>and we want to work on having a child.  I already test 8-10 a 
>day.  if humalog works better I want to start on that.  I would

>appreciate any info you have on the two so I can ask my doctor 
>about it at my next appointment in the middle of october.
>for you help.

While the buffering that is used in Velosolin was important
originally, the newer sets no longer require it. Though Humalog
is not officially sanctioned by the FDA, a high percentage of
pumpers are using it very successfully. A major downside is that
Humalog pretty much requires you to change sites every 2-3 days
or so. Also, Humalog starts working in about 15 minutes and
peaks in 2 hours. But because of this, if your pump should stop
functioning, you will need replacement insulin much sooner,
since it does not stick around as long as the Velosolin. But, if
you can live with these differences, there is no reason why you
can't use Humalog, because you will have a lot more control. 

What type of infusion set are you using? A large portion of the
pumpers here are using either the Soft-set style (I don't know
the Disetronic name for this type of set) or the
Comfort/Tender/Silhouette style (these 3 are exactly the same).


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