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[IP] humalog vs. velosolin

I have been on the pump for about 2 and half years now.  this whole time I
have been on velosolin.  I was told that I needed to be on this insulin
because of some anti clogging agent that is in it.  I hear everyone talking
about using humalog in their pumps.  what's the difference?  velosolin seems
to be working okay for me, but okay isn't good enough.  I want to get a
really tight control.  my husband is getting ready to graduate from college
and we want to work on having a child.  I already test 8-10 a day.  if
humalog works better I want to start on that.  I would appreciate any info
you have on the two so I can ask my doctor about it at my next appointment
in the middle of october.  thanks for you help.

type I 20 years

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