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[IP] EMT's

Just wanted to relate our experience with a EMT.  Ryan and I were in a wreck.
Ryan age 10 and he is the diabetic.  When the ambulance arrived on the scene.
There was no check for a bracelet, and they had his shirt lifted to check for
abrasions, I assume and listen to heart, etc.  That is when I was ask what is
that tube?  Ryan looked at the man like he was from another planet.  His
words, " You treat people in an emergency and don't know what a pump is?, I am
a diabetic, now am I going to die!"  Needless to say it was a terrible
accident and Ryan was terrified.  He has to wake me up, I was knocked
unconcious from the air-bag.  We were definetly being watched over, to walk
away from that accident without a scratch.  The car is totaled.
So, now that I have written this it has made me decide to call and see if they
would like a lesson.  What cha you think.

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