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[IP] Accu-Chek Complete

          Cheri, I just switched from the Accu-Chek Advantage to the 
          Complete.  I don't like the bigger size of the Complete, but 
          the additional data is helpful at times.  I  track all carbs 
          and boluses for a week-long period every once in a while to 
          help "recalibrate" my thinking, but I don't try to keep up 
          with all that data all the time.
          I also have the CAMIT software that can be used with the 
          Roche (formerly Boehringer Mannheim) meters, but I'm still 
          trying to find out if CAMIT works with the Complete. It 
          didn't work the first time I tried it.
          Most importantly, NEVER PAY FOR A METER!  If you don't want 
          to deal with a local rep, the most recent Minimed newsletter 
          had a full rebate coupon, and most mail-order pharmacies 
          listed in the back of Diabetes Forecast also have deals.
          >I am thinking about buying an Accu Chek Complete.  I 
          >currently use the One Touch Profile.  Which is better?  I 
          >have heard the the Complete is good if you have a pump.
          >    Thanks,    Cheri
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