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Re: [IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care

I manage a dragonboat team and this summer while in another city one of our
paddlers had some severe problems and spent the night in the ER.  The next
day he arrived at the race, looking horrible and unable to walk.  I called
911.  Because he has apparently had a blood sugar of 33 when he went to the
hospital (he is not diabetic), I tried to take a sugar but failed because
his hands were so cold.  I gave him some glucose and waited.  He perked up

The paramedics did the ABC's, checked for a bracelet/necklace, and then did
a blood sugar with a meter.  It was normal.  He passed out upon trying to
stand and they took him away.

I asked if they generally checked for a bracelet and they said they always
did.  And when in doubt, they gave glucose.  And they were also familiar
with insulin pumps, enough to ask how many basal rates I had and how I
determined boluses.


PS  It turned out, after many tests and 3 more ER trips, that the guy had
been at a bar the night before and someone had bought him a drink.
Toxicology finally came back recently and he had been drugged, probably via
the drink.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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