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Re: [IP] Glucometer

On 29 Sep 98 at 9:19, Michael wrote:

> > MY nonengineer thought.  The pump could be made to respond to time
> > interval readings with an over-ride done by the wearer/user of the
> > pump.  Would this be to simple? Yale
> The problem lies in the design of the servo system. The feedback loop 
> is so long, that by the time the insulin starts to be really 
> effective ( 1 to 2 hours even for Humalog ) a low or a high would 
> already be dramatically impacting the user of the equipment.

If we could shorten the delay loop, or develop really good predictive methods 
then it could work... of course if the predicitve methods are that good we 
could also be very wealthy by testing them on the stock market...  I think the 
device could try to maintain a "steady state" on it's own but you'd probably 
have to push a button to tell it you were eating so it could "shift gears" by 
beginning to react to the carbohydrate before your bg really started to go 
up...  I was on a "BioStator" when I was being trained for the intensive 
therapy about 12 years ago... it had 4 IV lines, with two lines for each dual 
port cannula - blood sample, heparin to keep the blood sample from 
clotting, insulin and dextrose solution.  It sampled every two minutes and 
tried to react appropriately...  the printout still looked like a cross section 
of a mountain range as it struggled to maintain my bg at anything near to 
normal...  and I think I remember reading something from the MiniMed sensor 
reports that talked about even people without diabetes showing a large 
variation in bg values...

Randall P. Winchester
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