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Re: [IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care

On 29 Sep 98 at 8:44, email @ redacted wrote:

> THEN I explained to him the reason I was asking was because that Laura was
> diagnosed this past winter with Type 1.  He did he see any reason to put
> "insulin pump" on her ID bracelet.  His reason being "because if they found
> someone unconscious with a diabetic ID bracelet on they would immediately GIVE
> them insulin to correct the situation so for me not to worry because my child
> WOULD be given insulin."  I know he was trying to be reasurring and helpful
> but by this point I could hardly respond.  I said no Glucagon or a blood sugar
> check?  He looked at me totally blank.   
> Hopefully this is not a typical response for most EMT's.  This one in
> particular just sent shivers down my back . . .   

Unfortunately it is the common response for many EMT's and ER personnel.  They 
assume that the person with diabetes needs insulin to correct whatever the 
problem is and most don't know how to run a bg check or even have the equipment 
to do one.  In most jurisdictions such a "diagnostic" test has to be ordered by 
a doctor...  and we all know about doctors, don't we? 

At the plant neither the nurse nor EMT's could give me a glucagon shot 
without risking their license unless it was ordered by a doctor.  So I've 
instructed the other people in my department to give me the shot before calling 
EMS if I am ever found unconcious...  

It's an education problem - the EMT's are still being trained with the "one 
size fits all" theory of diabetes management.  That school still says and does 
a lot of dangerous stuff - not just for us but for anyone on advanced 
technological treatment protocols...

Randall P. Winchester
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