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Re: [IP] Glucometer

> Michael:
> MY nonengineer thought.  The pump could be made to respond to time
> interval readings with an over-ride done by the wearer/user of the
> pump.  Would this be to simple? Yale

The problem lies in the design of the servo system. The feedback loop 
is so long, that by the time the insulin starts to be really 
effective ( 1 to 2 hours even for Humalog ) a low or a high would 
already be dramatically impacting the user of the equipment. I don't 
know about you, but my daughter can go from 100 to 40 or 200 in 30 
minutes if she has done something wrong with her planning or is 
simply exercising very heavily. This is much faster than the servo 
loop could respond given the action time of the insulin. That said, 
the action time for both lispro and regular are about the same if 
given intravenously (according to literature I've read). Things 
apparently start happening quickly ~15 minutes as opposed to an hour 
with lispro. This could be quick enough to design a reasonable 
control loop that should work OK although I'm not sure I would want 
to be the test subject when the machine thinks I'm high and I really 
on the way down.

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