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Re: [IP] "permanent" isulin cannula

John I don't think this will cause much of a problem with the Minimed
either.  At nominal basals of 0.5 u/h, you get a bolus every 12 min.   The
half time of insulin in the blood is on the order of 15-20 min, so the
fluctuaions would really not be all that great--just some small
oscillations on the mean.  Actually though, you would likely have to
increase the basal considerably, since the liver normally inactivates more
than half of the  insulin secreted by normal subjects.  It is not clear why
the liver does this, but with a portal vein infusion, one would have to
take this into consideration as well.

Any idea how long this "permanent" cannula lasts?

<<<<<<<<<<From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Disetronic have a permanent cannula now commercially available in
Europe. A minor surgical procedure introduces a tube which goes from the
surface of your skin to the portal vein (just upstream of the liver).
You wear an external pump, but the insulin goes directly into your blood
stream just where the pancreas normally delivers it. Perfection.
Extraordinary care must be taken though with cleanliness to prevent
liver infections. The continuous bg monitor would be ideal for
controlling this type of system.

The Disetronic system of continuous gradual delivery would work nicely,
but I can't see the MiniMed pump technology being used here, since the
the 0.1 unit boluses would create large peaks and troughs in blood
insulin concentration, unless they used a very dilute insulin - perhaps
U10. But then you would only get 30 units in a 3ml cartridge. Hardly
enough to get you through the day.



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