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[IP] Re: free glucometer elite

The competition is heating up.  For those interested in th Glucometer
Elite, 50/50 pharmacy (1800-7467-5050) again has its promotion for this
unit.  You get a free Rufus bear (actually its pretty nice--my daughter
loves it and she's not even diabetic) and an Elite, when you order 100

<<<<<<<<From: "Randall Winchester" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Accu Chek Complete

On 27 Sep 98 at 20:19, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> First of all don't buy anything.  If you have insurance it should be
>covered.  If
> you don't or if you don't want to use insurance, you should be able to
>get a free
> meter from a company rep.   Sooner or later, they are all begging to have
>you take
> one.  The Complete is new enough that they are trying to actually sell
>them, but
> if you call the company and ask for the phone # of your local rep and
>call that
> person, he or she will meet with you and usually give you one free.  If
>you are
> really lucky they will give you more than a single bottle of strips too.
> with the Profile -- call Lifescan.
The latest edition of the Pumper's Journal from MiniMed has a coupon for a
rebate on the purchase price of the Complete...  Either the rebate route or
rep route is good, but some of the reps aren't as friendly with the giveaways
as they used to be...


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