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Re: [IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care

<< Hopefully this is not a typical response for most EMT's.  This one in
 particular just sent shivers down my back . . .    >>

Sheri - 

I was an EMT and worked for a local fire company for several years.  I saw
some Tech's who understood and some who didn't.  The instructors in my EMT
program spent LOTS of time on it and one of them was actually diabetic so he
emphasized actions that would do no harm.  It varies from state to state. In
PA, tech's couldn't give insulin or any injection except to assist in
adrministering an epi-shot for anaphalaxis.  Only Paramedics do that and their
training is MUCH more involved. I've never known a Medic who didn't really
know what they were doing with a diabetic.  

 We were taught that if you know it is a dibetic emergency and you can't
figure out which way the person's sugar is going, give more sugar.  If in DKA,
a bit more sugar actually can to little to further the process until treated
properly in the ER.  A bit more sugar could make all the difference for a hypo

Hopefully, this guy you talked to would get some perspective from folks on his
team.( And, Basic Life Support units most likely wouldn't carry insulin
anyway.)  It really is okay to let him know you have concerns about his
approach.  I am sure he would rather know now than put someones life in danger
in the field.  

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