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Re: [IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care


You were not insulting at all.  I agree wholeheartedly with your

I made it a BIG point in my last refresher to look for medic-alert
and to be sensitive to the feeling of the patient as they are feeling
really bad at that point.  The instructor was happy to focus on that.

Remember - that is the way it is in New York State.  Please check
about the EMTs in your state.

And... Our son just started his freshman year in high school and
was 6 years in elementary - 3 in middle school and now the high
school and they have all taken on the responsiblity of the glucagon
with a note signed by the doctor and the parents.    As a matter
of fact we have been very fortunate with our school district and
feel really bad for those of you who get the hassles.  There is just
no reason for it.  

Our local ADA had offered for us to borrow some video tapes to better
help us help the schools understand diabetes and how to take care of 


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