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Re: [IP] EMT's and Diabetic Care


My son is 14 and diabetic for 11 years.  My husband has been an EMT
for 27 years and I have been one for about 15.  The treatment taught
for dealing with a diabetic "problem" is sugar.  We carry Instant 
Glucose in all of the emergency kits.  

What I learned long before Justin was diagnosed is to give them juice
or anything with sugar if they can swallow and if we have it Instant
Glucose.  If they are low it will save them and if they are high it
will just make them a little higher but if we don't act and give the
sugar we could lose them.

That's about all we knew about diabetes when Justin was diagnosed.
We learned alot quickly.

By the way, this is New York State.

As an plain EMT or EMT-D we cannot give the glucagon injection.  We 
can assist a family member,etc. but we're not certified to give the
injection.  A Paramedic can give the injection I believe or start
a glucose IV.

I hope this helps to ease some fears.  I do agree that the medic alert
of some sort should be worn.  During patient assessment it should be
found within a short period of time.


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/