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Re: [IP] Accidental site pulls

In a message dated 9/27/98 9:41:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<< How in the world do you reinsert a teflon canula? If you have
 some sort of magic solution, I am all ears (also nose, eyes and

Sam and every one else,
Sorry for my not realizing that many if not most people are using a Teflon
canula set.  I have been wearing a bent needle since it was introduced, about
10? yrs ago.  I have not yet changed to the soft sets in that I just started
on the MM507c and was told to get used to the new pump before changing the
set.  It is just second nature for me to reinsert my set if it was pulled out.
Maybe I will wait a little long to change since some are having problems with
the softer sets.  So As Gilda used to say "Never mind."  Good Health and
Happiness, Jeff
type 1 38 yrs, dxed age 11 mths
pumping 15+ yrs 
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/