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[IP] Continuous Glucose Sensor

True, the continuous sensor is the discussion at hand. 
However, MiniMed stated in a pump meeting I was at that
their plans were to move "very quickly" from the two device
system (pump and meter) to a single system with feedback
(she mentioned a year or two).  While some of the statement
is hype, it does indicate the direction that they want to

Also, as I said, if the user is not careful to know their
"unused insulin" a continuous sensor may lead to some

In a message dated 9/27/98 10:01:30 PM Eastern Daylight
email @ redacted writes:

<<  Integrating the bg meter into the
 control program for the pump will be very difficult.  It
 will need to know what the patient has done and the
 direction that their bg is traveling as it makes its
 decisions.  For instance: you have a bg which starts a
 climb. The pump starts to add more insulin.  Th >>
I believe the discussion relates to the continuous glucose
implantable insulin pump.  The technology to have them talk
to each other is
in the research phases and not approved for use as yet.>>>
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