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Re: [IP] Accidental site pulls

Sam Skopp asks:
> How in the world do you reinsert a teflon canula? If you have
> some sort of magic solution, I am all ears (also nose, eyes and
> toes). 


Once the cannula has been inserted, a path has been cut in the flesh.
The teflon cannula on the sofset has suficient rigidity that if it slips
out, provided you put it directly into the hole, it will slip back in
again just nicely. Try it next time you're changing your infusion set!

This procedure is of course STRICTLY for emergency use only. And do not
tell your doctor you did it. If the cannula has been out for some time,
the pathway may have started to heal up. But I'm sure it will reopen
quite easily. And of course, if the cannula has in the meantime got
dirty, there will be major infection issues here.

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