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Re: [IP] Wearing pump in the open--Why hide it!!

Sam, as they say, when you are young, you worry about what people are
saying about you.  When you get old, you're happy that they're saying
anything about you.

I guess now we know just how old you really are :-)

<<<<<<<<<From: Sam Skopp <email @ redacted>
I have never made the slightest effort to hide my pump. I'm not
embarrassed by it nor the least bit concerned about what others
think about it. Maybe that comes with age... when I was much
younger I probably would have thought more about it. But the way
I see it now, people will have to like me for what I am, rather
than what I have clipped to my belt. However, to be honest, I've
never had the least amount of response from folks on the street.
And, people that I know, I've just told them what it was
straight out.



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