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Re: [IP] Accidental site pulls

In a message dated 9/28/98 5:33:04 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< MJ, why won't it work with the C/T/S? Or is the intention really just to
 keep the QR toggle out of the way? I find sometimes the QR can ride down
 under my trouser belt and pull at the infusion site. Perhaps I'll try
 taping it down. >>


Because it would defeat the purpose of being able to disconnect for whatever
reason.  The end of the tubing attached to the pump would be taped to your
skin.  Also, it seems to me that after using the sof-sets for 10 months, and
the Silhouettes for 10 months (they each have had equal time in my body), the
Sils just don't pull out like the sof-sets did.  Probably because they go in
at an angle instead of making that 90 degree bend.  It is a stronger design, a
matter of physics.  I've never felt the need for a safety loop with the Sils,
but boy, I was sure glad to have it several times with the sof-sets!

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