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Re: [IP] Accidental site pulls

On 27 Sep 98 at 0:41, Sam Skopp wrote:

> I'm also starting to think that I should routinely carry an
> extra set in my car... if a set should get pulled out when I'm
> away from home, it would be pretty tough to try to stick the
> soft teflon canula back in the hole. <vbg> Do most of you carry
> a little emergency kit with you in the car? If so, what do you
> carry?

I carry a "crash kit" that usually contains the following items:

	2 infusion sets (include syringes, w/ extra IV3000, alcohol wipes and S/N IV 
	preps or barrier preps)  
	Current vial of humalog, with a few insulin syringes.  I carry these in an 
	insulated case.  Sometimes I have an 2 vials of humalog. 
	Small bottle of Hibaclens
	Small bottle of "antibacterial hand cleaning gel" (my wife insists on this)
	Bandaids and bandage tape.  
	Other odd medications, including allergy meds, tylenol, migrane meds etc.
	Extra meter, strips & lancets.  

The whole set fits in one of those Rubbermaid insulated lunch containers.  I 
use the bright red one, but I think they come in several colors.  If I'm 
planning on leaving the set in the car I put a couple of freezer packs in it.  
That keeps the contents cool enough during the day.  An important note here - 
don't leave it in the direct sunlight!  I cover it with a winter coat that 
generally lives in the trunk of the car, or I put the pack wrapped in the coat 
in the trunk.  The contents change regularly (more like weekly) as I adjust 
what's there and what I think I need.  Having the materials on hand has helped 
several times when unanticipated problems spring up... like catching the tubing 
and cutting it on a door latch, or having the set come out...  At work the set 
lives in my backpack.

Randall P. Winchester
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