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Re: [IP] Glucometer

Yes, it will be my son, Ryan age 10, who will be the one to be tested on.  I
am going to call today to get all the details so I can report back to the
group.  It will be Ryan and the little girl he talked into getting on the
pump, she is 5.  The cost will be between 500 and 1,000.  I know that is a
wide range but that is what I have been told.  Right now my or Ryan's endro is
talking with Insurance Co. to convince them it is a necessary life support, so
hopefully they will cover the expense.  When I say 48 hrs I should have said
day in and day out.  Will get back to you with details.  I do know the Endro's
that have pump patients and are active in the seminars will receive a limited
amount to test on their patients.  Ryan's endro is originally from Canada, now
residing in Canada and travels around the world giving talks.  He funds a day
camp during the summer for children.  Ryan was one of his first patients on
the pump.

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