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Re: [IP] Accidental site pulls

> A safety loop is used with sof-set infusion sets.  You make a loop, about one-
> inch diameter with the small length of tubing between the cannula and the
> quick release, then tape it down to your skin, next to the cannula.  This acts
> as a "shock absorber".  The theory is that if the tubing gets pulled, it will
> simply undo the loop and not pull out the whole set.  
> This wouldn't work with the C/T/S type of sets.

MJ, why won't it work with the C/T/S? Or is the intention really just to
keep the QR toggle out of the way? I find sometimes the QR can ride down
under my trouser belt and pull at the infusion site. Perhaps I'll try
taping it down.

I sometimes remember fondly the old heavy-duty patch that came with the
sofsets. That was so secure that the I felt the tube would snap before
it fell off me. Sometimes the IV3000 patch on the recent sofsets
stretches a little too much, and allows the infusion set to slip out.
But on balance, I no longer get a horrible red allergic weal on my skin,
and it doesn't take 10 minutes to clean off that yucky mess left behind.

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