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Re: [IP] HbA1c of 7 is GOOD!

> > You can calculate avg BG based on the hbA1c
> > formula HbA1c*33.3-86=avg glucose
> This will only apply to one particular test method, with its own range.
> Any idea what it was?
No, Lily's endo gave it to me. He has always had equipment on hand to 
do the tests himself in his own office. He seems to have pretty 
cutting edge stuff, so I would guess it is for the more recent 
standard. About 6 mo to a year ago, he bought 'new' equipment again 
to replace a box that was about a meter long by 60x60 cm. The new one 
is only 1/3 that size. Both did hbA1c, the old one in 10 - 15 
minutes, the new one much faster. Don't know the method.

Michael <email @ redacted>
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