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[IP] Wearing pump in the open--Why hide it!!

I have never hid my pump or purposely concealed it (except when wearing a
dress - no place outside dress to hook it).  Am I unusual in not doing that?
Honestly, I am sooooooooo very glad to feel better and have better control
of my diabetes I wouldn't get rid of my pump for anything even if someone
said," What is that thing?"  I've been fortunate to have people ask very
nicely about it.  I like my pump and the freedom it has given me and how
much better I feel.  My family does too!  When my father - in-law, my
husband and I all sit down to eat, one of us always BEEPS!  My father-in-law
is a firefighter(wears pager), my husband wears a pager, a pilot(pocket
computer-data), and a cell phone all on his belt, and I have my pump!  Don't
be embarrassed by your pump - it has enabled you to have a little bit more
control over something tough to control- that is GOOD!
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