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Re: [IP] Accu Chek Complete

Hi Cheri!

First of all don't buy anything.  If you have insurance it should be covered.  If you don't or if you don't want to use insurance, you should be able to get a free meter from a company rep.   Sooner or later, they are all begging to have you take one.  The Complete is new enough that they are trying to actually sell them, but if you call the company and ask for the phone # of your local rep and call that person, he or she will meet with you and usually give you one free.  If you are really lucky they will give you more than a single bottle of strips too.  Same with the Profile -- call Lifescan.

The Complete allows you to record date, especially pump data.  At first, I was annoyed by how long it seems to take to do this (I had been thinking the Profile was frustratingly slow when I got the Complete and instead of being faster, I think it is just a bit slower).  "Slow" is of course relative -- 45 seconds for a test and the two or three minutes it takes to record data is only long when you're in a hurry and expect it to be faster.  I don't like the way the Profile asks for information or the data printout.  The buttons never stopped driving me crazy although if I had kept it up for 9-10 months it probably would have become more automatic (I stopped at about 6).  I believe, however, there is a computer program for the Profile that is more detailed and more useful to us pumpers.  I like the Complete b/c of the information.  I don't like that like the Profile it is large and bulky and not really designed for blood testing in a small toilet stall or while hiking.  People have endless arguments about meter accuracy.  My experience when I compare the two is that they are consistent and the Profile tends to register 2-5 points higher than the Complete.    On the one hand, neither one has proven exactly accurate.  On the other, they both seem to be a tad more accurate than any other meter I've used and much more accurate than the Precision.   I hate the One Touch strips and the old Complete strips require the same amount of bloos (although it spreads better).  The nice touch is that if you add more before 20 seconds are up it will still read accurately.  The new Complete strips look much bettter.

Hope that helps!


email @ redacted wrote:

I am thinking about buying an Accu Chek Complete.  I currently use the One
Touch Profile.  Which is better?  I have heard the the Complete is good if you
have a pump.

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