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[IP] Glucometer

I heard this from MiniMed as well.  They indicated that
their plan (3 months ago) was to put the product into these
few doctors, then move quickly with a home-version.  Their
next step is the integrating of the meter and their pump.
This last step is the source of my earlier concerns. 
Frankly, even continuous monitoring can become dangerous if
the patient does not remain aware of the activation curve
for the insulin they are using.


<<Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 12:08:59 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Glucometer

Helen, The way I understood this from my endo is that
Minimed will provide the
glucometer to a small number of endos around the country. 
These endos happen
to have a large number of pump patients.  They will test
market with this
group before they provide to everyone.  My endo is also
going to get these, as
I understood, in the next month or so.  Of course, this info
seems to change
from month to month so there is a question as to when he
will actually get the
glucometers for his patients.  This is just what I have
heard--no basis in
fact.  ellen
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