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Re: [IP] Site healing

Tim asked:

>Does anyone have any advice concerning taking care of old sites. I am a
>slow healer and after thouroughly washing the old site, I will rub a
>vitamin E capsule on the last insertions site. I have thought about
>vitamin E cream as well to speed up the healing. My stomach is not
>becoming a beautiful sight and I must admit, it kind of bothers me.

I've used the Vitamin E capsules before and can't determine if this made
any difference (it *did* make a difference in my wallet, though). I
typically put a small dab of Neosporin ointment on the old site, as a
precaution, and have not had any infections in over two years pumping.

When I was using Humalog, I had a severe problem with the skin hardening at
the infusion sites, which affected absorption. One thing I tried was using
a "telephone type" shower head, like the ones made by WaterPic. It had a
setting which allowed me to "massage" the site with water after removing
the set. Again, I'm not sure what the long term results of this were, since
I switched insulins and resolved the skin hardening problems, but it seemed
to help. If you're using pure Humalog in your pump, I'm sure you'll get a
flurry of responses from others advocating a H/V mix to help with some of
the site problems. 

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