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Safety loop, was: Re: [IP] Accidental site pulls

I've always used a "safety loop" with any metal needle set that requires
extra tape for "installation". Sets like bent needles (used them), straight
needles (never used them) benefit from the strain relief this loop
provides. (I don't do this with the Disetronic Rapid sets). This has saved
me numerous times.

For those who've never done this:

After taping over the needle, you simply make a small, loose loop about 1.5
inches in diameter, in the long end of the tubing , and tape it against
your skin, adjacent to the infusion site.

A rough (ruff, ruff ;-)) analogy is that extra loop of leash which you
carry in your hand when walking your dog. When the dog pulls sharply on the
business end of the leash, the loose loop in your hand "gives" a bit,
without tugging too harshly on your hand. Of course, most of us know this
would not survive a squirrel chase - neither does the infusion set safety
loop always survive catching a doorknob when you're running out the door,
but it helps.

Sam asked:

>soft teflon canula back in the hole. <vbg> Do most of you carry
>a little emergency kit with you in the car? If so, what do you

First, I try not to leave the stuff in the car, simply because of
temperature variations. But, my "infusion set kit" has a couple pieces of
precut Hypafix, and extra infusion set (or cannula, if I'm using Tenders),
couple alcohol or IV Prep swabs. I also carry an empty strip container from
One Touch Profile test strips, for storing any sharps, until I can get rid
of them properly at home. This fits in a very small waist / belt type pack
thingy - very unobtrusive, easy to cart around. For longer trips away from
home, I've got a kit that has an extra empty insulin cartridge or two
(Disetronic), couple infusion sets, cleansing / site prep supplies, syringe
and batteries. A little more elaborate, but leaves me ready for most anything.

One thing I've learned is to try to "rotate" these extra supplies on a
frequent basis. Keeps them fresh, in case I need them.

Bob Burnett

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