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Safety kit, was:Re: [IP] Accidental site pulls

Sam Skopp wrote:
>This wouldn't work with the C/T/S type of sets.
> That explains why I was never shown the loop, since I have only
> used the C/T/S flavor. I wonder, however, if some sort of
> similar loop couldn't still be made with the C/T/S type? 

Yes, somebody left a message about doing just that, but we talked him
out of it.

> I'm also starting to think that I should routinely carry an
> extra set in my car... if a set should get pulled out when I'm
> away from home, it would be pretty tough to try to stick the
> soft teflon canula back in the hole. <vbg> Do most of you carry
> a little emergency kit with you in the car? If so, what do you
> carry?

I always carry a small kit with a syringe/needle, canula only and
canula with hose pack in it. I also kep a spare bottle of insulin
in the luch room fridge at work. Saved me a lot of trouble many 
a time.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/