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Re: [IP] Accidental site pulls

<< One of my greatest fears is that I will accidentally pull my tubing and
 cathider right out. It has never happened, but, a few times I came
 pretty close. Has anyone ever experienced this or anything similar? >>


This has definitly happened to me. Several times during my 3+ years pumping,
in fact. Not a big deal, just put in a new set.  I always check my sites
carefully for infection or irritation and that wasn't an issue.  Ripping the
hair out with the tape was the worst part since I'm rather furry in the
abdomen.  I'm pretty whimpy about pain.  It's happened while sleeping which
woke me up without a question.  Other times tubing got caught, on a door nob I
think.  Another time in the car.  I just assumed this happens to everyone

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