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Re: [IP] Alcohol as antiseptic

I've been having great fun this last week challenging the Germans on the
cleansing of the infusion site...

For the last 6 months, I've been using Smith and Nephew's Medi-Swab H.
It's a plain alcohol swab, in a little square sachet, that also contains
chlorhexidine, the ultimate bug killer. A quick wipe with that, 30 secs
to dry, and then I apply SkinPrep. This reduces skin allergy and allows
the IV3000 to bind really securely.

Anyhow, the Germans do none of this. Medi-Swab H isn't sold here. S+N
say they discontinued it in 1987. The pharmicist I spoke to said that
alcohol was quite adequate, and if the Americans used chlorhexidine,
well, that was because they are an obsessive race, who eat vitamin
tablets for breakfast, believing it also does them good. He thrust some
alcohol swabs into my hand, and told me to try these instead. I thrust
them back, and said the only way I would find out was if I got a
scarring abcess in my side, and I had no intention of getting one. I was
happy with my cleansing routine, and had no intention of changing it.

I then rang my trusty British pharmicist who supplied me my original
Medi-Swab H. She contacted some clinics and professional advice centers,
and told me that they also use just alcohol for semi-permanent catheter
insertions. She was also concerned about the high cost of Medi-Swab H. I
suggested this was peanuts compared with a course of antibiotics.

So the mighty Germans, makers of BMW and Mecerdes, are happy with just
alcohol. I am totally unconvinced, and will import my own chlorhexidine
swabs. Why is nothing ever straight forward? I also cannot get U100
Human Velosulin (to mix with my Humalog). Novo don't supply it in
Germany. They only do U40 Human Velosulin, and U100 Pork Velosulin.
Grrrr! Will I have to import that as well?

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