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Re: [IP] HbA1c of 7 is GOOD!

Greetings all. Just back from 2 weeks offline. Phew! I've flicked
through the last 15 digests, and decided not to respond to anything

> Now here comes a sticky issue.  My lab recently switched to a different test
> with a different reference range.  My endo says this is to be the new
> "standard".  The range for this test is 4.1 to 5.7, so the 7.0 I just got
> doesn't cut it.  :-(
> Does anybody else know about a move to standardize these tests nationwide so
> that when we discuss these numbers, we are actually comparing apples with
> apples?

Mary Jean,

Me too. My British endo told me recently the clinic was changing to a
different HbA1c measuring method, which would make the numbers lower
(well, that's one way of improving control :)

I think most people overlook the fact that the HbA1c figure is not an
exact quantity that's being measured (unlike the blood glucose level)
but is very dependent on the laboratory test method being used. There
are several different methods in common usage, and they all quite
legitimately and accurately lead to different results. They get round
this by also quoting a reference range, which tells you what sort of
figures a normal person would get.

So before comparing your HbA1c with anyone else's, find out what your
lab's reference range is. And then compare how much above or below the
upper end of the range you are. Once you've achieved an HbA1c below the
upper end of the range, you've hit nirvana, and there will be nothing
gained complication-wise by trying to get it any lower.

The test used in DCCT has now become de facto the world standard test,
and slowly all clinics and labs seem to be moving over to this one.


You wrote
> You can calculate avg BG based on the hbA1c
> formula HbA1c*33.3-86=avg glucose

This will only apply to one particular test method, with its own range.
Any idea what it was?

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