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[IP] Glucometer

Just wanted everyone to know the news,  it might be old news news to you.  The
glucometer will be on the market in less then 6 months.  Our endro is in
agreement p to let Ryan wear one.  Ryan (age 10) is unsure about all this, he
is not quite sure he wants something else inserted into his stomach.  I don't
know a whole lot, just that it is the size of the pump and the insertion has
to be at least six inches from the cannula.  You will have  bg's 48 hrs. aday.
NO MORE FINGER CHECKS!!!    In the future the pump and glucometer will be
combined.  THis is wonderful news to me.  Of course I am Ryan's mom.  Not the
one wearing it.  He says he'll really thing about it.  We will making a trip
when it is ready to go on him and he will be able to see it and know more
about it.

Ryan's mom
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/